Facebook 14th August 2018 Status covers messages

Facebook 14th August 2018 Status covers messages

Facebook 14th August 2018 Status covers messages Facebook’s platform is a rapidly changing landscape that’s evolving so quickly it’s almost giving me whiplash.

I know I’m not the only one. Marketers and users alike are picking up on all the changes, struggling to keep up with them.

It’s not surprising considering we have a big list of new changes to go over today.

In this June edition of our Facebook Updates post, we’re going to discuss all the new changes that have happened in the past month. Facebook has recently added new requirements for how you’re targeting custom audiences built from customer files and starting on July 2nd, they’re going to start enforcing them.

ow when users click the “why am I seeing this ad prompt,” they’ll be shown exactly why, including how the advertiser got their information.

This will allow users to better monitor and flag brands who don’t actually have their permission to use their information.

Even with Facebook’s restrictions in place, it’s unfortunately still possible for businesses to advertise on the platform and provide a less than stellar experience for the customer after purchasing. Maybe customers never get the products, or it’s substandard quality, or the business has terrible customer service.


Facebook 14th August 2018 Status covers messages

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